Some Important Facts About Pula Adventure World

Adventure World is a private park for ATV, UTV, and dirty cyclists. This 2,600-acre facility is located about half an hour north of Pula. The park is the largest of its kind in the southeast and attracts riders of all skill levels.

The open-air adventure park, which opened in 2007, has an extensive and high-quality trail system. There are over 100 miles of trails for riders of different abilities. Paths are marked according to their level of difficulty from green to black. 

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The path meandered through the forest, over hills, and into valleys. There is a river crossing. Some lanes are wide enough for two vehicles, others are quite narrow. There are 16 kilometers of dedicated enduro trails, single lanes only for dirt bikes.

Pula Adventure World has a 300-foot-long lit, synchronized towbar. There is also an oval path with three slopes. Motocross riders will enjoy youthful and retro motocross tracks that cover challenging terrain. 

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Extreme riders may want to try one of the muddy bogs in the park. Those who prefer rocky terrain can enjoy the challenging Rock Crawl, Grizzly Hill, or Mammoth Hill areas.

The park allows all-terrain vehicles, two-person all-terrain vehicles, and dirt bikes. Jeeps and rickshaws are not allowed. All drivers must wear helmets. There is an ATV warehouse on site. 

Pula Adventure World rents out vehicles and equipment. The facility hosts competitions throughout the year. A drag race is planned for the anniversary weekend.

Visitors wishing to spend the night can rent a country cabin or spend the night at the campsite. Water and electricity are available at the campsite. Campers, mobile homes, and yurts can also be rented. Pets are allowed at the campsite, but not in the building. The park welcome center sells tickets, camping gear, t-shirts, tires, and gear. Loan equipment is also available at the Welcome Center.