The park

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Fun activities for the whole family

There are many exciting places to have fun in Pula, and this is one of them. The park features 30 thrilling and fun elements for children and adults, including rope elements, balance bridges and many other elements. But, that’s not all! If you want to fly, there are also 80 m long zip-line and 3 mini zip-lines so you can ride through the air.

Elements range in difficulty levels and heights, and are suitable for children aged 4 and up. We can offer you an exciting day under the pine trees, as well as an amazing individual, family or group experience. If you are looking for the next challenge, we suggest you to visit our park and try to complete all the obstacles on the course – you won’t regret it!

Adventure Park Pula Obstacle Course AV element

Be careful, be safe!

Not a huge fan of heights? Step outside your comfort zone and your fear will quickly turn into excitement.

To ensure you have a great time and feel comfortable at our park, we will give you a mandatory safety briefing that demonstrate how to climb and zip line. Our fully qualified and trained instructors will help you get the safety equipment properly fitted and explain you the clip-on system and how it works.

Once you receive all the safety instructions, you are free to try as many courses as you want. Your unforgettable adventure starts here!

Quality and reliability guaranteed

The Adventure Park was built by Ekoing d.o.o., a company specialized for all works at heights. Their employees have years of experience building adventure parks and other elements in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Austria and Germany.

The park is built according to AARP (Absolute Adventure Roping Poligon), a completely new project conceived and designed by experts from Ekoing team. Participants of all ages can safely overcome challenges, choosing the paths that fit their level of physical ability.