How Does Botox Change The Shape of Jawline?

Botox injection therapy has long been used by physicians and registered nurses as an inconspicuous method of reforming the jawline. Without knives, general anesthesia, or long and painful periods of convalescence, Botox can recreate the jawline in a treatment that lasts only a few minutes, with results visible within a few days. 

 Botox for Jaw Reconstruction

Whether it is wrinkle reduction or rejuvenation, the jaw botox treatment in Singapore works in the same way, by introducing the main component, the botulinum toxin protein, into the target muscle. This blocks the transmission of the nervous system to the muscles, which in turn relaxes the muscles and skin that covers them. This is the basis of all types of Botox treatment.

To change the jaw, Botox works the same way. In this treatment, the masticatory muscle group in the jaw is focused on injections. By relaxing the muscles of the masseur, they can no longer enlarge. The relaxation causes the muscles to contract and the voile – the shape of the jaw will soften and be less angular and pronounced. Patients often need a series of injections to achieve the best results, and follow-up treatment may be necessary.

The Operation is Not Necessary

Today, Botox is practically a non-invasive alternative to the surgical route, in which the jaw is cut out and the bones are transformed (in the form of a jaw reshaping operation). However, it is important to note that this treatment can only change larger, angular jaws to make them softer and more feminine.