How To Make Irish Sea Moss Gel?

Irish sea moss is excellent when used in recipes that are raw including fresh breads and desserts, and smoothies.It allows you to substitute a tiny quantity of nuts within certain recipes, like raw cake recipes or bread recipes that are raw. It offers the added benefit of adding some life to these recipes.

Irish moss is largely made up of a jelly-like substance called carrageenan, which is the reason why Irish moss is used broadly for making sea moss gel. It can be made at home but some people do not like to do the whole process of making gel. You can also buy organic sea moss gel online, wildcrafted irish sea moss from Organics Nature.

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How to Create Irish Sea Moss Gel

This recipe will guide the user in simple and clear ways to prepare Irish sea moss gel. Here’s an overview of how to make sea moss:

  • Make the sea moss ready by taking it out of the water and soaking until it expands.
  • Rinse the sea-moss with water until it is clear.
  • Mix the sea moss and water until it is smooth.
  • This is all you have to do in order to prepare sea moss for a range of purposes.

You can keep it for upto 2 weeks with no problems. If you intend to keep it longer then it will get freezed. A tip to keep it in the freezer is using an ice-cube tray so that you can take some out at any time when you need it. It is very easy to make but it will be a good option if you purchase it online.