Serviced Apartment Space In Portsmouth: Long Vs Short Lease

When you decide to rent a serviced apartment, you need to determine what type of lease you want to sign. There are long-term and short-term leases, and some leases can be for an agreed term. Some accommodations can also be flexible if you are not sure how much time you will need at the accommodation. Others are less flexible and may need to be ruled out early in your search if they don't offer the type of rental you're looking for.

Long term rental

You should take advantage of a long term lease if you believe you will need your serviced apartment for more than one to two months. For more information about service apartment management in Portsmouth, you can explore this link.

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Short term rental

Short-term leases are usually used when you know how long you will need the space or are not sure if you need a longer lease. It is best to get a shorter rental agreement with flexible management if you think you will only need the apartment for a short period.

What kind of serviced lease you will sign can be challenging to pick if you don't have a definite stay. You should be able to acquire a short- to medium-term lease that can be extended if necessary if you can find a management team that is eager to engage with you and devoted to learning about your plans for the property.