Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Airport Shuttle Service

When hiring an airport shuttle service there are a number of things you need to know about these services. That being said, it is always good to do some research about hiring a company for an airport shuttle in Puerto Vallarta when you are planning on visiting. Generally speaking there are two types of airport shuttle services i.e. multi-ride and share-ride.

What option is best for you?

Share-ride is a lot cheaper but will only pick you and a few other people up from the airport and drop you off at the hotel. The pickup time is based mainly on your flight's itinerary and not the company's schedule.

The beauty of this service is that you are not put in the holding area. With a multi-ride service, you can go from the airport to multiple locations like the hotel to drop off your baggage and then from there to an amusement park, business district etc. 

When does the time start?

Most airport shuttle services will start billing you from the starting point i.e. the point at which you get into the shuttle. Many services use computer software to track your flight so that they are on time when you arrive.

This also helps the shuttle service manage things if your flight is running late. However, some services may start billing you from the time you provided as your ETA. If you are not sure how you will be billed then call up the service or visit their website to find out about it.

Cancellation policy

You should always be aware of the airport shuttle's cancellation policy. Generally if you call to cancel 2 hours prior to the pickup time you will not be charged full fare.

However, if you call to cancel after your pickup time or during your pickup time you will have to pay in full. Many services allow you to edit your schedule ahead of time via their website.