Why is an Aluminum alloy used in boat construction?

Boat Aluminium Builders

If you are a boat enthusiast, then you must know that majority of the boats today are made from fiberglass or even reinforced plastic if it is an older version. However, after owning several boats, people come to the conclusion that aluminum boats are their go-to option. You might be wondering why boats are always made from aluminum. Well, you can get all the details here.

Reasons aluminum alloy is used in boat construction

The best part about aluminum alloy is that it gives better strength to the aluminum boat considering its weight as compared to other boat construction materials leading to lighter, more robust boats that deliver more economical cruising and higher top and cruising speeds. Aluminum is also easy to work with and can be formed easily in too complicated shapes. The styling of aluminum boats is generally improving yearly as Aluminium Boat Builders improve their alloys' specific designs. The extra strength offered by alloy boats means that a motor boat transom can handle heavier outboard as compared to other would counterparts. In addition, the alloy sailing yacht can handle the loads associated with the powerful rig.

The lifespan of alloy boats is excellent, and they require low maintenance generally, especially if they are painted in a double marine paint in a heat-cured painting booth. These boats can suffer from osmosis, water penetrating the hull material completely, leading to blistering, which is remedied with an expensive peel and epoxy treatment process. Alloy is cheap, relatively easy to repair, and can be significantly patched before more permanent repairs can be done if there is any impact damage or accident.