How to Choose a Children’s Bookcase

If you're looking for a children's bookcase, there are plenty of choices to make. There are freestanding bookcases and wall-mounted bookcases, all-in-one bookcases, and corner bookcases. Which one is right for your child? Consider these tips to find the perfect one.

Freestanding or wall-mounted

A children's bookcase as seen at is a great choice for a child's room. Unlike a typical bookcase, children's bookcases tend to be smaller with low shelves for children to easily access and browse through. Depending on the type of bookcase you choose, you can choose between a freestanding or wall-mounted one. In either case, you can choose a design that suits your child's room decor and imagination.

For a more traditional look, a freestanding bookcase as featured on might be the way to go. This style offers more space for books, while keeping the overall design simple. It's also more affordable than wall-mounted bookcases. You can find several different models on the market, each with its own unique features.


A tree-inspired children's bookcase adds a playful element to a child's room. Its nine shelves are angled and attached to a flat back panel, allowing for plenty of room for books. Its compact design is great for smaller spaces, and it is made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood. It is also lacquered with low-VOC lacquers.

The Booktree is designed to fit in a corner, but it does have the flexibility to be mounted in a row. It has five small shelves and comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. It has a slim, modern design and is available in four finishes.


A good all-in-one children's bookcase is both eye-catching and functional. This unit features thirteen storage compartments with eight plastic bins in four colours. It also comes with a toy drawer. This unit is great for a child's bedroom.

The bookcase is a sturdy piece of furniture, designed for a toddler's room. Its pockets are made of deep fabric and can hold multiple children's books and activity worksheets. It is also easy to assemble, with just a screwdriver. One downside of fabric bookcases is that they may tear or unravel, especially when filled with books. To prevent this, you can reinforce the seams or sew them.


A corner children's bookcase is a multifunctional piece of furniture that combines style with function. Designed with six compartments, the corner bookshelf includes three adjustable shelves and a tipover restraint system. Choose from a variety of finishes to match your child's room decor. Each bookcase has a weight capacity of up to 66 pounds, and can accommodate books, games, and toys.

A corner children's bookcase is ideal for kids' rooms, as they can double as a storage space as well. They can store pictures, stuffed animals, and figurines. You can also fill them with toys and crayons. To keep your child occupied, place their favorite toys, coloring books, and magazines on the shelves.

Corner bookshelf

A corner bookshelf is an excellent storage solution for a children's room. While the lower shelves are great for books, the higher shelves can serve as storage for other items. The top shelves can be covered with canvas cubbies or wicker baskets for items only parents need to access. The bookcase can also function as a reading nook for the child. For best results, look for a bookshelf made of sturdy materials that will resist sagging and maintain a sturdy structure.

A children's corner bookshelf will provide storage space that's easily accessible, with three equal-sized shelves. The bookcase will hold both books and toys, and has rounded corners for easy access. A kids corner bookshelf will be an excellent solution for any corner in a child's room, and the unit's compact floor space will free up much-needed room space.

Book caddy

A book caddy for children's bookcase is a great way to keep books organized and accessible. This type of storage unit is perfect for a child's playroom or bedroom. Its frame is made of angled MDF with slatted sides. Its top is perfect for tucking away books, while the lower shelf has enough room for toys.

This book caddy is easy to assemble and can hold a surprising amount of children's books. It also has three storage pegs on the sides, and it can swivel 360 degrees. It also features a full-length mirror, a large cork board, and three storage pegs.