Saving Time With Same-Day Crowns In Orange Park

If a tooth has been affected or has decayed the tooth may require to be crowned also known as "capped." The cap will restore the appearance and function that the tooth has. Caps for the dental are strong and are a custom fit that covers the entire tooth starting at an area of the gum.

In the past, this procedure was a minimum of two visits to the dental office for uncomfortable alignment impressions, an interim crown, and a wait of one to three weeks for the lab to create an actual crown. You can also browse to hire same day crowns dentist in Orange Park.

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A brand new advancement in digital technology is now making immediate dental crowns. The entire process is accomplished in one quick visit by using a camera, milling machine, and computer incorporated into one device. This breakthrough in restorative dentistry removes the requirement for alignment of the impressions and temporary crowns, or the need for an outside lab to make the crown.

The process begins similar to traditional crowns, by shaping the tooth to be used as a cap. The area first gets treated with a numbing agent and the tooth is then drilled to rid it of any decay, and then make it fit for the crown. This will ensure that the crown will be perfectly shaped when it is placed over the tooth that has been damaged.

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