Know About Gasification Technology

Gasification technology is the process of converting liquid or solid stock into a gaseous fuel that can be burned to release energy. The gasification process produces clean energy from the fuels at a very large scale. It helps syngas, which are converted to produce clean energy and value-added products. Various companies are working on gasification technology, ad helps to produce a cleaner environment. Dastur Energy is one of them. They use gasification technology and follow the technology that produces valuable feedstock which can make gasification a net-negative emissions technology. You can more knowledge about gasification technology via

In the gasification process, there is thermochemical conversion of carbonaceous material to an energy gas, through particular oxidation with the air, this all process occurs at high temperature. Syngas produced after the gasification process is the composition is the mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, water, methane, and other hydrocarbons.

The actors that affect the production of gasification technology are:

  • Biomass fuel properties
  • Gasifying agent
  • Temperature
  • Addition of catalyst
  • Gasifier type
  • Particle size

Syngas produced by gasification can be used to synthesize fuels such as hydrogen and methanol. They can be used in the manufacturing of ammonia and other hydrogen applications in refineries. Another use of syngas is, they can be used in the generation of electricity. The generation of electricity from gasification has been used in various parts of the world, both to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and to provide electricity in rural areas.