Lawsuit Disclaims General Motors Seat Belts Are Deathly

The class-action lawsuit argues the fact that General Motors hid a deadly safety issue with the seat belt and airbags from the public for more than 10 years. According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the defects have caused nearly 1,298 injuries and deaths.

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GM Faulty SDM Airbag & Seatbelt Lawsuit - Seeger Weiss LLP

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Airbag control issues unit, particularly problems with the Sensing as well as the Diagnostic module (SDM) can stop the seat belt pretensioners and airbags from being deployed in certain frontal collisions.

The suit affects the vehicles which General Motors manufactured or sold to the general public after July 10, 2009. Although the plaintiffs don't claim that their vehicles suffered these issues, the lawsuit states there are millions of cars that could be unsafe for drivers because of these flaws.

The SDM detects the moment a crash happens and alerts the airbags and pretensioners for the seat belt to activate accordingly. However, the General Motors' SDM unit is not able to deploy for 45 milliseconds following the time the crash begins, which can cause problems when crashes include multiple impacts. 

If the signal from a subsequent collision occurs longer than 45 milliseconds later than the initial impact it is believed that the SDM does not consider the first crash. This could result in the creation of a "dead zone" which leaves the consumers without any protection.

General Motors issued multiple recalls of vehicles with problems with Airbag Control Units including the recall of 4 million cars in 2016. There was also a recall of 88,000 GMC vehicles in the year 2018.