An Informative Guide on KF94 Mask

The KF94 mask is the South Korean equivalent of the N95. "KF" means "Korean Filter" and "94" means 94% effectiveness in filtering airborne particles according to South Korean government standards. Most of the KF94 looks like a cross between an N95 and a canvas mask. Like the N95, it has an adjustable nose bridge.

But instead of an elastic headband, the KF94 has ear loops. "They also have side flaps that shape your face, which helps close the gaps around your face and also limits the entry of unfiltered air. If you're looking for a KF94 mask online, you can buy it from

The KF94 can be a good upgrade option – especially for other key workers who are constantly around other people. Unlike linen masks, KF94 is for single-use, so don't wash it. "Synthetic material crumbles with washing, so I'm done with that." Use it once, throw it away and buy a new mask.

How effective are the KF94 masks in blocking COVID-19?

In a small, limited study published in August in the journal Infectious Disease, KF94 and N95 masks were effective at stopping virus particles when tested on coughing patients with the coronavirus. Both work better than surgical masks. Fit is the most important factor for an effective mask like the KF94. When buying a KF94, make sure it feels comfortable without having to constantly adjust it.