What To Do With A Vehicle Log Book

A vehicle log book is a guide provided by the vehicle manufacturer containing information on the specified or recommended service requirements.

They are often full of information like when and how to change the oil, what to do with a broken transmission or radiator, and other tidbits that you might need to know. However, if you're like me and think you can do it yourself better than your dealership does it for you, what should you do with your logbook?

What is a vehicle log book?

A vehicle log book service is a record of all your driving activities for the period of time that you have it. The purpose of a vehicle log book is to help you keep track of your driving record and ensure that you are following the traffic laws.

The most important part of your vehicle log book is the driving record section which includes: 

-Date and time of each drive 

-Location of each drive 

-Type of vehicle being driven 

-Driver’s name, license plate number, and registration number 

Each entry should be made as soon as possible after the drive so that you have a complete record. If you forget to make an entry, don’t worry – just take your logbook to any local driver’s license office and have them check it against their records.

If you get a traffic ticket while driving, be sure to check the details against your logbook to see if you can prove that you were actually driving at the time the ticket was issued. Compare both your written description of what happened and what is recorded in your log book. If there are significant differences, then you may be able to challenge the ticket.