Help Children With Autism By Using Social Robots

Autism children often struggle to comprehend emotional and social signals. This is why it's a bit disappointing that 63% of parents do not think that their child is able to access the tools that will help their emotional and social development. Therefore, the creation of more creative and effective teaching tools for children suffering from Autism is never more essential. 

Many children who are on the autism spectrum are naturally drawn to technology. However, tools like a Nao humanoid robot  form a perfect bridge between technology and humankind. It helps to develop skills in children and builds their confidence.

nao robot

One of the main research projects, which has produced amazing results in this area includes the robotics used to aid these children. Robots' use as a teaching tool to help the development of emotional and social awareness has many advantages, and the premise of the concept is quite simple.

Robots aren't judgmental. They don't take into account if you answered an incorrect question and will never become angry, bored, or angry. Even the most skilled teachers cannot be able to control their voice tone and facial expressions, but you can trust an automated system to keep you on track and that is an extremely comforting idea.

It is evident that every day is more commonplace to come across people who use social robots that assist those with disabilities. NAO serves as a comrade to children who have special needs and makes learning more enjoyable for children and aids educators to achieve their goals of learning.