Quick Hacks to Maintain the Bathroom Renovation Glow for Long

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Renovating the bathroom feels like instilling new life into the home. But with time, it starts losing its shine. Wondering if there’s any way to make it feel like brand new for much longer? Well! You can’t reverse the time and effects it has on tiles, floor, and other items but you can delay them.

Here are some cleaning hacks that will make your bathroom keep looking like a new one after the renovation.

  • Avoid Streaks on the Bathroom Mirrors: You might not be able to control streaks but you can get rid of them for good. Among various methods, using shaving creams works the best. Start by squirting small cream blobs on the mirror and then wipe it using a clean cloth. Avoid washing after wiping as this helps the mirror retain a thin cream film that prevents fogging as well.
  • Keep Mould Away from Shower Curtains: If your bathroom curtains have grown mould, you would probably wash them in a washing machine. Besides this, it doesn’t always remove the mould at the seams and the bottom. Adding half cup of baking soda to the laundry liquid and half a cup of vinegar during rinsing helps get better results.
  • Keep Toilet Bowls Clean: These stains look very bad as they build up with time. Use a toilet brush to clean the bowl with a mix of a half cup each of baking soda and vinegar. After cleaning, leave it intact for 15 minutes before flushing.

In addition, keeping windows and glass shower screens also helps retain the beauty of the renovation. You can ask for more tips from Coffs Harbour bathroom renovations professionals when you hire them for the job.