Human Resources Mysteries: What’s Does a Recruitment Agency Do?

A recruitment agency works just like any other company. It is a service provider.

First of all, recruitment agencies are companies – basic and ordinary companies that have employees, that pay taxes and that make a profit (or at least try to because the niche is very difficult and competitive).

On the market there are a few global high rollers that are present in several countries, a few small agencies that specialize in a niche, are good at it, and actually, make a profit, and several others that try to survive. You can even take skill assessment for software engineer at

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.For all those of you who have never worked with them, recruitment agencies are a great mystery. What do they actually do? Are they any good? What are they to start with? Companies? NGOs? Employers? Governmental organizations? So many questions… So let's clear the air a bit.

To a company, a recruitment agency offers the following services:

– Search resumes in their database;

– Post ads on suitable recruitment channels;

– Interview and test candidates;

– Propose the best candidates for the available positions;

– Replace candidates for free if the candidate leaves or is being fired (on candidate's fault) within a certain time limit (3-6 or even more months depending on position);