Is Sunless Tanning Safe For Everyone?

While sunless tanning has been slow to get the respect it deserves, it is the only safe way to get the bronzy skin you want without the consequences of overexposure and harming your skin. Many people make the mistake of ignoring safe tanning products, and instead, they spend hours in the sun or visit the tanning beds often.

The sun offers us essential nutrients (such as vitamin D) that we need to be healthy and boost our immune systems, but overexposure leaves up vulnerable to sunburn, wrinkles, aging, and skin cancer.

There are many sunless self tanning water product available, most of which can be found at almost any department or grocery store you shop at. You can usually find these products in the pharmacy section near the lotions and sunblock. The most popular sunless tanning products available are usually in a spray-on format or a lotion that is applied by rubbing it into the skin.

These are less intimidating than other sunless tanning products and are less expensive than other methods, so it is a good idea to look around to see the options that are available, and maybe even try multiple products to determine which brand works best for your skin type.

But, if you don't take the time to apply them correctly or dilute them with regular lotion, then you can end up with strips of different colors on your skin. These strips will make your skin look uneven in areas and they will also fade unevenly– so be cautious as you apply these products.