Methods Used For Welding Stainless Steel

Choosing the best method for welding stainless steel is similar to finding the best method for fishing. It depends on various factors, such as what stainless steel is, how thick it is, what its purpose is and what the industry is

Most of the stainless steels used in the hospitality industry are 300 series. Type 304 is a 0.063 inch thick stainless steel sheet. If you walk into a fast food joint and look at the tables, shelves, and ranges, you will find that they are all made of welded stainless steel sheets.If you want to hire TIP TIG stainless steel welding service visit TIP TIG USA

welding stainless steel

Food regulations require the use of 304 stainless steel in the cooking area because it does not rust easily. Welding must be done in such a way that bacteria or other contaminants are not trapped. The back of the stainless steel weld must be protected with argon to ensure it is not filled with pips and sugar which can trap bacteria such as salmonella.

All wire brushing should be carried out with a stainless steel brush, and non-smooth welds should be mixed with a grinding wheel. Then they need to be cleaned with alcohol.

TIG welding is usually the most effective method because there is no spark and slag. TIG welding rods must be 308L to ensure they can weld 304 stainless steel. L stands for low carbon because the stainless steel alloys used in the aerospace industry are diverse.