Tips For Preserving Flower Arrangements to Keep Your Flowers Indefinitely

Flower preserving has been with us since colonial times. You can save flora in out-of-the-ordinary ways such as drying with air then squeezing, or by means of a number of drying agents including sand, home-produced concoctions silica gel, as well as chemical mixtures.

Keep in mind, many flowers dry perfectly, including Baby's Breath, Cattails, Yarrow, Solidago, wildflowers of many types, etc. Flora is a symbol of harmony and reflects freshness, to those that admire them. Nonetheless, newly picked flowers don't typically last all that long. Drying flowers properly will end up helping your flowers last in their original style, robustness, color, and consistency.

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1 – Flowers and herbs hung upside down in bunches are the most common way to dry them. A rubber band fastened around the stem ends works well. Place them in a warm, dry place with good air circulation, take off the excess leaves, and keep them out of direct sunlight to reduce discoloration and fading. after a few weeks, discard any that you don't like, spray the rest with lacquer or even hair spray to keep them even longer.

2 – Some chemical compounds such as glycerin are also able to preserve flowers. Flowers like Bells of Ireland are acknowledged to show good color retention when saved in this manner.

3 – Covering the flowers with a desiccant is one of the best ways of drying flowers. By drying the flowers in a desiccating material allows them to dry flawlessly preserving the shape and color more effectively than other means