Types of LED Downlights and how many do you need?

They are positioned in the ceiling to give an elegant look. They are usually used to give general light.

Surface Mounted: If you are unable to use lighting in recessed areas (if your ceiling is concrete for instance) or prefer an individual design, surface-mounted lights are flexible in their placement and are commonly employed to project light slightly below the ceiling or even on walls.

Fixed: Like fixed downlights with recessed fixtures the lights direct light downwards.

ADJUSTABLE: Similar to those with Recessed Adjustable LED Downlights they feature our most recent, innovative adjustable feature that allows light to be projected at up to 350 degrees.


When you are choosing downlights, it is important that it is important to consider what the purpose of the area is because that will determine the kind of downlight that you’ll need. Downlights are a versatile light source that is space-saving and simple to install lighting solution which can be used to provide ambient lighting, or for an area of focus. To figure out the number of downlights you’ll need just take the size of your ceiling (in square feet) and then multiply this by 1.5. Once you know the total amount of watts you’ll need to light the room, use this figure and then divide it by the power of the light you intend to employ. Regarding spacing, make sure that you have evenly distributed the downlights in order to avoid shadows.


It is essential to comprehend the distinction between spotlights and downlights from one. They can also be used for light sources (or focused lighting) since they have various illumination options, and they can be used as spotlights. The main distinction is that they have the capability to project light or draw attention and draw focus, while spotlights are only able to be used to illuminate items or components.