Unfinished or Pre-finished Wood Flooring?

If you are looking to buy a wood floor There are many choices. The color and pattern of the flooring are usually determined by the type of wood used, for example, Oak and Walnut. The flooring’s finish will determine how the flooring’s surface appears, such as matte, glossy or smooth. The flooring’s finish will also protect the flooring from wear and wear and tear. It is important to pick between unfinished or pre-finished wood flooring. This is all you should be aware of to make the right choice.

Wood flooring that is not finished

An unfinished floor refers to flooring made from wood without lacquers or oils that are applied to the surface. It is floor in its natural state. The wood is made into the blocks or planks of flooring, but it has not gone through the process of finishing. If you opt to purchase flooring that is not finished then you’ll need to apply the finish after it’s been put in. This will safeguard it from everyday wear and wear and tear. All kinds of flooring made of wood should be finished with oil or lacquer otherwise, they could easily be damaged.

Pre-finished flooring made of wood

A floor that has been pre-finished means that the blocks or planks of flooring already have the protective layer of lacquers or oil added. This is accomplished in the process of manufacturing, together with any color stains. The majority of wood floors require protection or are finished before them being able to be used. Therefore, the primary benefit of the pre-finished flooring is that it’s accessible for use once it has been put in place.