Who are the Paracord Wholesalers and how do I become one?

The Paracord Wholesalers Association (PWA) was founded in 1996 as a non-profit trade association representing the interests of paracord wholesale suppliers. Today, the PWA represents more than 200 member companies who manufacture paracord products and services. The PWA is the only national trade organization representing Paracord Wholesale suppliers.

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The benefits that accrue to a business that sells paracord supplies include increased visibility and market share, increased sales and business opportunities, and enhanced customer relationships. With so many potential benefits to pursuing membership in the PWA, why would any business not want to become a part of this important industry group?

1. Increased Visibility and Market Share: As a member of the PWA, your business will be better positioned to compete for shelf space and generate more sales. With over 2,000 members nationwide, there is sure to be a supplier near you that can provide you with the products and services you need to succeed.

2. Increased Sales and Business Opportunities: As a member of the PWA, you will have access to innovative marketing programs that can help you increase your sales volume and reach new customers. You will also have access to training and technical assistance that can help you increase your efficiency and maximize your business performance.

3. Attract New Customers: By becoming a member of the PWA, you can offer your customers new and exciting products that will appeal to their tastes and enrich their lives. With the variety of services available through the PWA, there is no limit to what you can offer your customers.

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